Daman Heroes is a free online programme dedicated to getting local communities physically active.

The movement started in 2019 with Daman and volunteers to encourage activity through friendly and sociable fitness groups. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, Daman Heroes has turned into an exciting online programme to change the way people view exercise.

Daman Heroes workouts are free, fun, educational and available at any time of the day on our dedicated YouTube channel. Workouts are 30 minutes or less and appeal to all fitness levels, from kids to parents and beyond. The sessions range from Zumba and HIIT to fitness, yoga, pilates and functional circuits training. Each year, our Heroes bring a new dimension to the video workouts and never run out of ideas to design thrilling training sessions.

We encourage you and people across the country to take part in the Daman Heroes movement and join our effort in leaving a legacy of a healthier, more active generation!

About Daman

Daman, is the UAE’s leading health insurance specialist and since 2006 has been striving to make the UAE a healthier, happier community.

Daman believes everyone can live a healthy lifestyle, young or old. They do not only insure your health, but help you ensure it. Daman support the community through numerous initiatives that have helped people of the UAE to get active, and therefore healthier.



INTERACT started out in 2014 with a vision to build a healthier and more active generation.

INTERACT is a social impact agency, embedding healthy activity into society through strategic initiatives and bespoke programmes across the Middle East.

Areas of focus include physical activity, mental well-being, healthy eating, social impact and behavioural change.