Meet the Heroes

Our community led programme is run by citizens and residents of the UAE, from a variety of backgrounds.

Our goal is to get you fitter and healthier, whilst ensuring you have fun along the way, providing an assortment of adaptable yet inspirational content, designed to appeal to every fitness level.

Chris & Alex

A real competitor at heart, Chris has run multiple triathlons over the years and now enjoys sharing the wealth of experience and knowledge he has accumulated with everybody. Chris is a passionate sportsman who is passing on the love of exercise to all, mostly to his family. With his young son Alex, this playful duo will prove that exercise can be fun and within everyone’s reach!


Meet Clari, a role model in the UAE. She is one of only three people in the world with Down Syndrome officially certified as a Zumba instructor. She has long been a trailblazer and a prominent speaker in the community advocating for inclusion. Clari was part of the UAE’s tennis team for the Special Olympics World Games Abu Dhabi in 2019. With her charismatic smile and passionate energy, Clari turns every Zumba class into a party!


Manal will get you hyped up in no time, with her intense workouts synchronised with original music designed to match every single move. She is a multi-talented instructor mixing Zumba, HIIT, Pump Strength and Cardio. With her dance moves added to the mix, we promise you will have a blast.


If there’s one thing Omar Al Fadhli isn’t afraid of, it’s titles. Proclaimed the youngest jiu-jitsu fighter in the Middle East to receive black belt, Omar completed a memorable double gold at Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2021. Omar has been dedicated to his practice and is now, as a Daman Hero, sharing his skills and abilities with everyone.