Meet the Heroes

Our community led programme is run by members of the UAE public, from a variety of different backgrounds. Our heroes are passionate about physical activity and want to help you keep active.

Our goal is to get you fitter and healthier, whilst ensuring you have lots of fun along the way, providing a variety of adaptable yet inspirational content, designed to appeal to every fitness level.

Read more about our heroes below.

Functional Training
Daman Heroes Anan


Anan grew up in an active household, and this has contributed to her passion for an active lifestyle and her competitive nature. Starting with football, which she has played throughout her life, she now participates in triathlons both locally and internationally.

It’s no surprise that her favourite holiday destinations are those places that have cycling routes, to keep up the training and see the sights at the same time!

Circuit Training
Daman Heroes Chris


Chris is our guru when it comes to all things triathlon. He has competed competitively for many years and has a wealth of knowledge which he enjoys sharing with anyone from novices to experts.

Chris would love the superpower that would allow him to be able to fly. If he could take advantage of that superpower, he would fly to any destination where he’d be able to take on a triathlon. Chris is a passionate sportsman and wants to pass on his love for exercise to all.

Bodyweight Workout
Daman Heroes Fatima


Fatima Jasmine is an energy powerhouse and social media queen! If her energy doesn’t embrace you and inspire you to get moving, we aren’t sure what will. Her passion started with MMA, and she now leads various fitness classes.

During her down-time, you’ll find Fatima soaking up some sun on the Amalfi Coast in Italy, her favourite holiday destination.

Full Body Workout
Daman Heroes Houriya


Houriya made history as the first Arab female football expert in FIFA. Having started her career as a goalkeeper in the UAE women’s national team, she transitioned her love of the game from player to coach. She has gone on to play a substantial role in the development of the women’s game across the UAE with her mission to get more girls playing football.

Houriya was featured in the Nike’s Dream Crazier series and tells of her own journey to inspire others. “Helping the new generation, this is important. Giving opportunity, helping people grow. Let them believe in themselves.”



Pooja is a Certified Yoga and Pilates instructor and a Sound healing practitioner .

Her passion for holistic living and Yoga started at a young age and stems from her Indian roots and the cultural values inculcated by her parents.

Having practiced Yoga since childhood, she always tried to spread her passion by sharing her practices with others. A few years back she decided to get certified and travelled to India for her Yoga teacher training course and also acquired an ‘Ayurveda for Yoga teachers’ certification.

Pooja dedicates herself to spreading wellness, wellbeing and holistic living through her teachings.

She believes that continuous learning is key to expanding her knowledge in the field and enriching her experiences to be able to help and serve others better and she strives to learn new skills and acquire more knowledge at every opportunity that comes her way.

Daman Heroes Clari


Clari has been living in Abu Dhabi with her family for 12+ years. As a qualified Zumba Instructor (ZIN™) she is the only Down Syndrome Zumba Instructor in the UAE licensed to teach Zumba® Kids and Zumba Gold. Clari has been an integral member of the team since the program began, involved in many events in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and is renowned for her high energy and presence on social media.

Community Running Sessions
Daman Heroes Hilal


Hilal is a passionate runner, who discovered his love for the sport in 2016. He has since brought his community together with weekly running sessions accessible to all fitness levels. When Hilal is not training or at his day job as an engineer, you might find him travelling abroad to participate in a marathon.

Beginners HIIT
Daman Heroes Krishna


Meet Krishna, the runner who got fit when he realized he needed to keep up with his young son. Proving how much commitment and determination he has, just 18 months after starting his running journey, Krishna completed his first full marathon!

Krishna draws inspiration from his sporting hero, Sachin Tendulkar. After a running session, a game of badminton or leading his community workouts, his go-to treat is a bar of milk chocolate. Life is a balance!

HIIT Workouts
Daman Heroes Mansoor


Mansoor is proof that dynamite comes in small packages. His background lies in football and tennis, however, running is now his focus. He has excelled at races locally, both shorter distances as well as ultra-marathon races. The best piece of advice that Mansoor has received is “Life has no limitations except the ones you make”, and it’s evident that he lives by this mantra as he inspires those around him.

HIIT Cardio Workouts
Daman Heroes Manal


Manal is passionate about group exercise workouts and is an accredited instructor across various platforms. She enjoys sharing her passion with people where they sweat together and challenge themselves, creating happy moments and positive attitudes.

Strength & Conditioning
Raiph Romans
Hello Hello hello hello


Raiph is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor who comes from a background of competitive sport, having played rugby from a young age and competed in the Crossfit circuit (although if you’ve ever seen him at a buffet, you might assume he’s a competitive eater!). He’s always been proud to have a holistic approach to training, and is a firm believer in the philosophy that health and fitness should be fun, enjoyable and engaging! His academic background has developed into a keen interest in the science and psychology behind wellness.

Glute Training with Alex


Alex has made fitness her passion and her energy is infectious! After realising that excuses don’t burn calories, she got serious about her fitness goals and transformed her own life and energy levels. She now has a genuine desire to help others on their way to a happier and healthier life. She believes wholeheartedly that movement is a necessary component of physical and mental wellness. Her vision is to make fitness accessible to all and empower people to take action.